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With our cultural tour you will explore the Ibiza from a time long past. Starting from the harbour and visiting the oldest market in Ibiza, we will approach the impressive walls of the old part of town. Crossing the drawbridge we will stepback in time, to the cobbled streets of D’alt Vila (which actually means upper town). The old town was declared an Unesco World Heritiage Site in 1999 and as you roam the narrow passages and stairways towards the top, you can easily lose yourself in its ancient charm. Soaked in the history of more than 2500 years, around each corner you will uncover relics from Phoenician, through Punic and Roman times, all the way to Moorish medieval objects. We will see the impressive 7 bastions built to protect Ibiza against pirates and enemies throughout the centuries. Upon reaching the top we will visit the beautiful cathedral and enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the harbour and across the island. To top it all off... we’ll have a nice surprise in store for you there! 


3 hours approx.



Guided cultural tour · Snack & Water · Insurance 


Transport (Pick up & Drop off) · Table reservation for lunch or dinner in a local place 

From EUR 65

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